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They can be Pre or Post taxes, it depends of the resolution of the judge. When it exists a divorce or legal complain about the expenses incurred on a child, it´s possible to go to a legal instance a ask for a kind of periodical money to support the child for food, clothes, school, etc. When you get paid, numerous deductions can taken out such as taxes, 401k payments, insurance, Flexible Spending Accounts, Heath Savings Accounts and wage garnishments, among the most common. Some of these are taken from your check pre-tax and others post-tax. Though the pre-tax deductions lower the wages upon which. Raising a child is a substantial public good. Over the years we have been able to claim tax deductions for plantation forests, wineries and the Australian movie industry, and in return received margin calls, undrinkable clean skins and movies nobody can stand to see. Why then can we not pay child support pre-tax? WELL, WE CAN. If you're wrestling with child support tax questions, like whether child support is taxable or deductible, you're not alone. A lot of single parents aren't sure how child support payments will impact their tax bill—and that's just as true for parents who receive child support on behalf of their children as it is for those who pay it. Every month, or maybe even with every paycheck, you transfer money to your ex in the form of child support. It seems only reasonable that you should be able to claim a tax break for this somewhere on your tax return. So is child support tax deductible?

UNDERSTANDING PRE TAX VS POST TAX DOLLARS. March 9, 2017. Nobody likes spending more money than they have to. After all, you work so hard to get money in the door, the last thing you want is to watch it leak back out unnecessarily. To reduce needless expenditure, many of. The Federal Tax Refund Offset Program was enacted by Congress in 1981 and was originally restricted to child support debts owed in public assistance cases Aid to Families and Dependent Children AFDC or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families TANF. It was expanded in 1984 to include child support debts in non-assistance cases. Garnishments are deducted from your paycheck after taxes, pre-tax and after-tax deductions have been subtracted. Specific garnishments include court-ordered child support, tax payments levied against you by the federal or state government for money owed on back taxes and judgments against you by a creditor such as a credit card company. Pre-Tax vs. Post-Tax Deductions Benefit-Eligible Employees Faculty and Administrative Professionals may elect to have certain insurance premiums deducted from your pay on a pre or after-tax basis In accordance with IRS Section 125. Understanding Post-Tax Deductions and Imputed Income Pre/Post-Tax Deduction • The portion of the rate attributed to the same sex domestic partner is $80. • The employee’s portion $100 per pay will be pre-tax and the domestic partner’s portion of the rate $80 will be post-tax. Imputed Income • Federal regulations require that an.

Pre-tax vs. Post-tax. A pre-tax health insurance plan is one that meets the standards of IRS Section 125 code. To comply with the code, employers must establish a plan document, distribute a summary plan description to all participants and meet ongoing compliance regulations.

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